Many of the well known ROCKINGER towing hitches for agriculture and forestry are now manufactured using an innovative, patented method of production. This novel process makes it possible to manufacture all key components from forged steel. The. 

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ROCKINGER “Best Brand” for the thirteenth time >>>PRESS RELEASE

Automatic Ball Coupling RO✶KS 80

The automatic ball coupling KS*80 makes safe coupling and decoupling directly from the driver's seat possible. This eliminates tedious manoeuvring of the drawbar and the dangerous working between tractor and trailer. >> watch movie

Ladders for telehandler

ROCKINGER Agriculture offers ladders for telehandler from Manitou, Merlo and JCB. These ladders are very versatile – car trailer with 50 mm ball hitch, Piton Fix for 50 mm drawbar, the ball hitch system KS 80, or a towing hitch with 38mm coupling. 

RO*855 / 865

New robuste towing hitch, with sensor system as an option