RO*855 / 865

New robuste towing hitch, with sensor system as an option

The new RO*855/RO*865 towing hitch is extremely versatile and robust. With a max. D value of 120kN, it is the coupling with the highest constant resilience in the ROCKINGER range and is therefore designed for heavy-duty use in particular. It is offered for all height adjustments.

The wireless sensor system developed by ROCKINGER Agriculture makes the RO*855/865 even saver.  Correct locking of the towing hitch is signalled on a display in the driver’s cab, thus reliably preventing misjudgement and possible damage to the coupling or vehicle.

The new wireless sensor system is available now for towing hitches of type RO*855 and RO*856, both as original equipment and for retrofitting. 

Video Safety Sensor